North River Yacht Club

Kristy and Martin chose to have a first look which allowed plenty of time for portraits before the ceremony. Kristy had been saying all day that she felt fine, no nerves, she was good. But when she saw Martin for the first time, the nerves surfaced and she teared up a few times. She told me later that she was so glad they had seen each other early in the day to release the wave of nervous energy! Plus, we were able to get so many great portraits of them together! — some of my favorites this year.

The architecture of the columns and the light that surrounded them was perfection! I love the two shots below. The left is mine, while the right was taken by Breanna, who was helping me that day. Several of the photos in this post were taken by her as well.

Kristy and Martin’s reception was held at the North River Yacht Club in Tuscaloosa. Holy smokes! I loved this venue. It overlooked the river and the Crystal Room provided a chic atmosphere that perfectly complemented their day. A big thanks to Breanna for heading over early to capture the amazing details!

On the bus ride from the church to the reception, Kristy and I talked about the possibility of getting a few more wedding portraits when we arrive at the North River Yacht Club. The sun was setting fast, and I knew we were going to be pushing it. We hopped off the bus and headed straight to the deck that overlooked the river. It was so dark at that point, I could barely see them. I maxed out my camera settings and snapped off a round of shots. They turned out to be some of my favorites of the day!

(Photographers note: ISO 2000, 50mm, f/1.4, 1/125 sec)

This is a pretty accurate representation of what it really looked like! The sunset sky was a gorgeous shade of yellow and purple.

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