Harbor View Yacht Club

Harbor View Yacht Club offers yacht charter in the beautiful lakes that surround Lake Sinclair, Lake Logan and Lake Erie. There is only one restriction imposed on your chartering here and that is that you have to be over 18 years of age. The club operates two charters a day during peak seasons (Mondays to Fridays). The boats are large enough for up to six guests and you can choose from many different routes that take you around the lake. Car Arrival: You can choose the route that goes through Cedar Point, Harbor Island or through the islands and down towards Ohio Beach.

The boats generally sail from the dock at Harbor View Yacht Club, sail around to Harbor Island and back or sail in a single file through the channel to Lake Sinclair. The maximum speed is twelve knots, although that may vary depending on the wind. The boats generally head towards the shore and then proceed into the channel, where they stop for short stops so that people can get out to see the sights. You will notice that there is not much room to stop as there is no water between the boats and the shoreline. The marina has stairway access which allows you to get in or get out of the water on the small boats that sail by.

The boats here are very impressive with crystal clear windows for you to enjoy seeing all the scenery as you sail by. If you are interested in sailing or in marine applications you will be intrigued by the yachts here. All the members have equal rights to use the marina property and the clubs have strict rules and regulations that they operate. This is a very relaxing and laid back location, making it perfect for individuals or groups of friends who want to spend some time out on Lake Sinclair. The water is clear and the beaches are beautiful with several facilities including volleyball netting, fire rings, party boats, wake boards and a soft swimming beach.

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