Sailing to New York

Sailing around New York City gives you many views of the skyline.Sailing around New York City gives you many views of the skyline. (Photo: sailing on east river in new york city image by jedphoto from )

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The bodies of water that compose New York Harbor allow travelers to sail around the city and experience skyline views of the city's five boroughs. If you look at New York Harbor, you'll notice the white sails that flag the water. Companies charter sailboats for visitors, but many New Yorkers go sailing to escape the traffic and commotion of the city. The sailing season runs from April through October when the weather and water are warm.

Bodies of Water

New York Harbor is a natural harbor made up of several bodies of water that meet the Atlantic Ocean. Manhattan Island is separated from New Jersey by the Hudson River on the west side. The East River flows on the east side of Manhattan and the west side of Long Island, which includes Brooklyn and Queens. Upper New York Bay and Lower New York Bay, which are joined by a tidal straight called The Narrows, are south of Manhattan near Staten Island. Jamaica Bay is a lagoon east of Manhattan on Long Island and can be accessed from the East River.


Charter sailboats take tourists through New York Harbor and around New York City. Some sailboats can accommodate only a handful of guests, and some can accommodate 100 passengers or more. You can purchase tickets to travel with other tourists or charter the boat for your private party. Companies that charter sailboats include Classic Harbor Line and Manhattan by Sail. Sailing lessons are offered by companies like the Manhattan Sailing School.


Sailing around New York City will give you the skyline view of the city often seen on postcards. You can see popular Manhattan buildings like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Among the bridges you can pass under are the famous Manhattan Bridge and and the Brooklyn Bridge, which is especially brilliant at night when it is lit up. You can sail past Ellis Island, where immigrants entered the United States, and Liberty Island to get a close-range view of the Statue of Liberty.

Popular Tours

Some sailing trips last only a half hour; others can last an entire day. Manhattan by Sail offers tours for just about any time of the day - daytime, brunch, happy hour, sunset and nighttime - plus its Full Moon Sail. Some of these trips are offered regularly during the season, others only on certain dates. Guests on the Sunset Sail view the skyscrapers as the sun sets behind them; nighttime sails showcase the city lights. Classic Harbor line specializes in food and wine tours like the Morimoto Sushi & Saki Cruise and the Autumnal Beer Pairing Series Cruise. If you charter the entire boat, you can usually customize your route.

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